Mar 272015

By Patty Wilber

I really like colt starting and right now have a three year old that has three “saddles”.  Wait! Make that four saddles because I saddled him twice on Wednesday since he got a little tense on the first go. Oh, and there was the day I put a bareback pad on him and the day I saddled him but I didn’t get on.  Do those count? That would be six?

Brownies first day wearing a saddle

Brownies first day wearing a saddle (and some ropes).

When people say “he has ten saddles”, I have always assumed they mean rides.  So, then I’d have to down grade to two.  The first day I actually got on him, I just sat there. No real riding.

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Mar 202015

By Patty Wilber

Went to Lubbock last weekend for the Pan Handle Reined Cow Horse Show.  Google map estimated the trip should take about 4 h 47 min (306.0 mi) via I-40 E and US-84 E  by motor vehicle. It took a little longer because we were driving a truck with a camper in the bed and dragging a horse trailer while fighting a strong cross wind.  Ten miles to the gallon. Ugh.

Apparently, if we’d walked it would have taken 99 h.

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Mar 132015

By Patty Wilber

Me, Mary and Donna

Me, Mary and Donna (and Lani the dog)

Last weekend we were lucky to have the chance to be a Way Station for Mary Everhart and Donna Hurst as they were heading  home to Delaware from this leg of Mary’s Epic Adventure.  Her goal is to ride her own horse in every one of the  lower 48 states (the 48 contiguous states), and Donna is helping her get there! They have hit eleven states on this trip to give Mary a total of 28 so far! Continue reading »

Mar 062015

By Patty Wilber

Trailer training is an interesting topic.  There are multiple websites and instructions and clinicians and whisperers that can aid one with getting a horse in a trailer. But if you have a “naive” subject (ok, I just had to throw some random science-speak in there) that is used to humans and access to a  stock trailer, it usually turns out to be pretty easy to get a horse to load.

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Feb 132015

By Patty Wilber

LT superivises Indy's first trim.

LT supervises Indy’s first trim.

Indy’s been here for two months.  I wrote about Halter Training Jan. 16, and now we are moving on to (finally) her first trim.

She was probably ready a little sooner, but it is nice to have the whole barn on the same schedule so, I waited.

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Jan 302015

By Patty Wilber

Well, this might be a more entertaining read if it were about how to extract your equine from a peat bog on a trail in Ireland.  But, NO!  This blog is about slogging around the bog that my horse facilities became after last Thursday’s foot of snow that went to melting almost immediately.

We were nearing recovery this Thursday, but now it is snowing again…

Last Thursday:  Woke up to a foot of snow.

Last Friday:  It warmed right up, so the snow was half gone by noon.  That left 4-6 inches on the arena  The quickest way to get rid of snow besides using a snow plow and moving it off to the side, is to drag so the sand churns on top of the snow and the dark collects the heat of the sun. Melt City.

Half as snowy as the day before...

Half as snowy as the day before…

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Jan 232015

By Patty Wilber

There are hundreds of stories of abused and neglected horses on the Internet every day, and there are really not that many places for these horses to go.

 Walkin’ in Circles is a horse rescue in Edgewood, New Mexico, with 70 horses on the property and 18 that are being cared for by sponsors off-site.

Walkin' in Circles.  The horses all have lots of room, one or two buddies and shelters.

Walkin’ in Circles. The horses all have lots of room, one or two buddies, and shelters.

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