May 202016

By Patty Wilber

We went to Longmont, Colorado last weekend for an Appaloosa show. Drove out on Friday.  20160513_084911

Drove back on Saturday.  That was a lot of driving! Over 900 miles, round trip.

We had to do it because so far as I can tell, there are only two Appaloosa Working Cow Horses in the entire state of New Mexico and both live at my house.

LT, of course, and the international addition, Mitch, who just arrived from Canada last month and belongs to Ardith Allcorn


Mitch (You CD Signs)

The horses travelled well.  I did not tie them so I could feed them on the floor of the trailer.  The hay on the floor is also so no one (read LT) gets tangled in a hay net.

We have a stock trailer with good air flow–which means the feed blows around and could get in their eyes, so they got to wear fly masks to protect them from flying hay.

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May 122016

By Patty Wilber

Last weekend I had the distinct privilege of an ethereally (as in seeming to belong to another world) ephemeral (as in short-lived) weekend at Taos Horse Getaways  (which is really near Tres Piedras) three other women that I ride with.


The Pasque Flower (in the Ranunculus family) was the most abundant flower, but we just got lucky because they only bloom for a little while and then you don’t see them. Perhaps they are ephemeral?

“Ephemeral” was our word of the first day because the map said there were ephemeral streams–streams that are not year round, and that led us to “ethereal” because, well, they both have a lot of “e’s”, I guess.

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May 062016

By Patty Wilber

Up to recently, I had been travelling an hour each way to work with Troy Rogers using his cows.  He has been a fine coach for me.
cows! 011

Unfortunately, that is no longer an option since he is moving out of state.

So, I have begun hauling 138 miles EACH way to Watrous Valley Ranch and that is great, but it is hard to find the time to do that more than once or twice a month!


So, I found another cow source in Galisteo–still an hour and not always available.

I am searching for closer cows!

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Apr 292016

By Patty Wilber

Max was abandoned at 3 months old. He was rescued and went to live at Walkin N Circles.  He was sponsored by Mary Ann and Roger and he came here in November 2015 for saddle training.  He was 3 and 1/2.


Max did not have much trouble getting started under saddle! He is pretty much game for any thing!

He just left for his new home with Miriam and Justin last Saturday! We are both happy and sad to see him go. Jim really liked Max because every morning Max would leave his breakfast and come at a fast trot to get a pet and say hello.

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Apr 222016

By Patty Wilber

First:  Slim, the cryptorchid mustang stallion, was gelded 4/21/2016 at Albuquerque Equine.  All went well!! Thank-you to all who chipped in!

Second: Max’s (the rescue from Walk N Circles) adoption is underway!  More next week!


The Back Country Horsemen, Pecos Chapter, spends time in the back country (surprise!) and while we are very careful (some might even say boring) in our riding and tree-wreck clearing, this has helped us avoid having to make much use our first aid kits and first aid training!

Still, since we have these kits, it does behoove (he he beHOOVE) us to be trained. Luckily, we have Lisa Kazmar who is a certified first aid instructor who put on a scenario-based training for us last weekend! And double lucky, we have Dr. Stacie Boswell who gave us some equine first aid tips as well!


Lisa Kazmar, our fearless instructor! (And Terri’s head)



Dr. Stacie supervising leg wraps (and we all got to practice!)

For the human part, we had four scenarios, and I failed to get pictures of the first one I participated in–a nasty bleeding compound fracture! Continue reading »

Apr 152016

By Patty Wilber

I got up Thursday and at 6:15 am it was light (sunrise at 6:33).  I rode horses all afternoon and at 7:30pm I was still at the barn, just finishing up feeding and it was not quite dark (sunset 7:39pm)! **

I love the lengthening days and I am a fan of Daylight Savings Time.  I heard the NM legislature wants to make us like Arizona and have no daylight savings.  But just think of Thursday.  It would have been light at 5:15am when I’d rather be asleep and dark at 6:30pm when I’d rather be riding!

That reminds me of a conversation I had the other day about feeding times for horses. A large horse facility wanted to be sure the horses got fed before it was pitch dark and freezing (during the winter) and so they picked 3 pm.  Now that it is light later, they are still feeding at 3 pm and discouraging working with the horses after feeding.  That made sense when daylight was limited, but is not so convenient for afternoon riding when it is both warm and light so much later.

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Apr 082016

By Patty Wilber

It was spitting snow in Albuquerue, NM, and when we arrived in Goleta, CA, a few hours later, it was shorts weather!

We went directly from the shuttle bus to Goleta Beach Park and went kayaking with Molly (the kayak).

Molly packs small. Under 50 pounds, so remember, she flies free on Southwest Airlines! Yeah, ok, there was another bag with the paddles, life jackets and other accessories (also under 50 pounds)!

Inflatable Sea Eagle kayaks are floatable in minutes!

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Apr 012016

By Patty Wilber

Last year I drove pretty hard at getting LT to Nationals and World and because of that, my biology teaching job, client horses and lessons, I hardly rode with my friends.

This year I am trying to have more social rides.  Last Friday a few of us went to Golden Open Space and rode 14 or 15 miles, depending on whose phone App you believe.  (My Tracks was one of them, but is being discontinued soon, apparently). I have written about the Golden Open Space once or twice before, but it is still super cool to ride down the canyon and suddenly there is a lot (ok this is NM. “a lot” is all relative) of water. There do not seem to be many cottonwoods and there are no old corrals or houses, which seems odd.  It is not that remote… Also,the water isn’t poison, as the horses have imbibed and have not died.

Me and Penny in water on our ride from the Golden Open Space to BLM land. Photo by Siri.


In the canyon on the way to the other canyon that has the water.

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Mar 252016

By Patty Wilber

Indy (Paradigm) was born in April, 2014. Her Dad is Buckshot (LT’s dad), and her mom is a mare by the great reining stallion, Mr. Montana Nic. So, of course I hope she can rein and work a cow like her Dad and half sister, but we will just have to see. I normally wait longer to start them, but she has been insistent that I am ignoring her and she wants a job…

Buckshot (A Para Dox):


Me and Buckshot, 2012. He was 5 years old and was Jr. Working Cow Horse Reserve Appaloosa National Champ.

LT (Paranormal Activity):

LT 941-O161-4385WEB_Wilber

Me and LT, 2015.  She was 5 years old and was Jr. Working Cow Horse Appaloosa National Champ, National Jr. Reserve Reiner (she got that by 0.5 pts over third!)  and Reserve World Champ (by 0.5 pts out of first!).

Indy: Dec. 2014

Indy at about nine months old. Dark bay!

Dec. 2104. Look how dark she is!

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Mar 182016

By Patty Wilber

So, Slim the mustang arrived from the US Forest Service holding facility billed as a gelding.  It was a complete mystery as to how a mustang off the range had come to be gelded, but he had nothin’ down there when palpated by the vet during his Forest Service inspection, he did not piss off my Stud Detector, Cometa (a bossy old -19- gelding) just by being alive, and he liked my young mares in an innocuous, nice guy kind of way.


But about two weeks ago, I led Penny through Slim’s pen and Slim (who is normally pretty shy) fairly pranced up behind her, neck arched and gave a studly chuckle deep in his throat. I got her out of there, but did not catch on to the larger implications.

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