Apr 182014

By Patty Wilber

The first point show of the 2014 season for the New Mexico Buckskin Association was this weekend!

It is almost like we have two separate shows–except LT got to show in both halves.  She was not thrilled about that! More on that later.

Saturday, we had ranch horse pleasure and trail, cow stuff (boxing, cow horse) and reining.  This year (2014), we have $1000 for a year-end All Breed Ranch Versatility Award for the top three finishers! Here are our sponsors!


Diana DeBlanc, Performance Equine Vet Services

J.R. Lovato, Domingo Farms, Southern Colorado Hay Products

Troy Rogers, 4R Performance Livestock

Patty Wilber, Risotada Training

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Apr 112014

By Patty Wilber

The last weekend in March, LT packed tools for the Back Country Horsemen.

 The first weekend in April, she went to Lubbock, TX to compete in her (and also my) first ever National Reined Cow Horse event put on by the Panhandle Reined Cow Horse Association.

I have been wanting to compete in reined cow horse for a while, but have been waiting for my girls to get to a point where I felt we could get around a pattern and work a cow.

I  was not quite sure we were up for the challenge yet this year, but at some point, well, Just Do It.

Anytime I compete, I really want to win there is a chance to win learn, so I did my best to focus on winning the “educational opportunity”.  (That change in focus actually did take off a lot of the pressure!)

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Apr 042014

By Patty Wilber

Most horseback riders wear something a top their cranium when a top their equine.

For many, that is a helmet. Besides the whole save your brain feature, the thing I really appreciate about helmets is that they strap on and do not fall off.  I was just debating (with myself) whether I would attempt a cowboy hat or go with my helmet at the reined cow horse show this weekend in Lubbock.  My cowboy hat usually flies off (hair pins and hairspray not withstanding) and if it does stay on, I get a headache…waaa.  My helmet WILL remain a top my brain.  But who in the world wears helmets at events like that? The cowboy hat is SO much cooler!

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Mar 282014

By Patty Wilber

The other week I went to have my teeth cleaned and checked.  I knew I had a bad filling, because it felt like if I tried hard enough I could suck the filling right off.  (Also, the tooth hurt a lot.)

And indeed I did.

Made an appointment for a root canal.

I was sort of dreading  that because for the last root canal, my tooth would not go numb and I was sent to The Specialist. (On the other hand, this time my whole jaw was periodically aching so I was ready to get it taken care of.)

Also that first root canalled tooth was on the lower jaw, where, I learned, numbing requires a nerve block, which apparently did not work on the first go.  But with The Specialist’s unrestrained use of anesthetic, feeling was gone from my eye to my clavicle. Continue reading »

Mar 142014

By Patty Wilber

Way back in 2009, I ran into John Murnane (check out his website–Lacey’s grandpa, Bar Sunny Money, is on it) at the Reining Futurity, and made a deal for Lacey…except she wasn’t born yet.

This was the deal:  If she was a she and a buckskin, dun, or grulla–all of which were color possibilities– I would buy her.

One day old.

Lacey–a buckskin!–One day old. John told me she would develop a dark coat.

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Mar 072014

By Patty Wilber

I just finished my 2013 business tax summary, and while “Supplies” (which includes feed) and “Mileage” were my two most costly categories, “Repairs and Maintenance” was the most time consuming!

When we bought this house in 1997, Bernard, the old guy that lived here, asked Jim, “Are you handy?”

Jim nodded.

Bernard said, “There’s a lot to do.”

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Feb 282014
Tractor operating

By Patty Wilber

At the mouth of Tijeras Canyon, before Old 66 really begins to climb out of Albuquerque, is the new Triple Threat Feed Store.

For many years it operated as Town and Country Feed but had been vacant for a year or so and has just reopened under new management.

The property borders Tijeras Creek, one of the few live (i.e. there is water in it year round) streams in the Albuquerque Area, and has been a staging area for many winter and early spring training rides for the Pecos Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen. (And the site of many a first water crossing for BCH mounts!)

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Feb 212014

By Patty Wilber

Really, Part 7– five scouting and two hunting.

This time, we crossed the Rio Grande on a railroad bridge.

Frankly, I found that a bit nerve wracking.  The bridge ties are fairly close together so danger of falling through is minimal, but I could, maybe, manage to wedge my leg in there just right and be frantically stuck as the train barreled down.

Could I lie low enough to avoid having my head bashed in?  Would my backpack be just that much too high?

Ok Ok! Not falling through, not getting irretrievably wedged, but if the train were to come, could I run forward and off in time?  Or would I have to jump? Continue reading »

Feb 142014

By Patty Wilber

There are lots of manes–one for every horse!

There are also lots of styles for manes.

Reining horses and cow horses often have long ones.  Long can be beautiful and dramatic when these athletic horses are running, spinning or working a cow!

Chance Shough and his reiner/ cowhorse Missy running during a pattern!  Not only is her mane lovely but so is her tail.  (She has kept her stable mate Julian from trimming it!)

Chance Shough and his reiner/cowhorse Missy running during a reining pattern. Not only is her mane lovely but so is her tail. (She has kept her stable mate Julian from trimming it.!) Photo by Paula Parkhill.

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