Jan 302015

By Patty Wilber

Well, this might be a more entertaining read if it were about how to extract your equine from a peat bog on a trail in Ireland.  But, NO!  This blog is about slogging around the bog that my horse facilities became after last Thursday’s foot of snow that went to melting almost immediately.

We were nearing recovery this Thursday, but now it is snowing again…

Last Thursday:  Woke up to a foot of snow.

Last Friday:  It warmed right up, so the snow was half gone by noon.  That left 4-6 inches on the arena  The quickest way to get rid of snow besides using a snow plow and moving it off to the side, is to drag so the sand churns on top of the snow and the dark collects the heat of the sun. Melt City.

Half as snowy as the day before...

Half as snowy as the day before…

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Jan 232015

By Patty Wilber

There are hundreds of stories of abused and neglected horses on the Internet every day, and there are really not that many places for these horses to go.

 Walkin’ in Circles is a horse rescue in Edgewood, New Mexico, with 70 horses on the property and 18 that are being cared for by sponsors off-site.

Walkin' in Circles.  The horses all have lots of room, one or two buddies and shelters.

Walkin’ in Circles. The horses all have lots of room, one or two buddies, and shelters.

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Jan 092015

By Patty Wilber

Technically, the wedding itself was not under the rainbow, but as we walked with Maegan along the beach, to her future betrothed, there was a rainbow above us.  And as we went down the aisle of people, the rainbow perfectly framed one side to the other.

Like a fairy tale.

There's that rainbow!

That is NOT a photoshopped rainbow!  The flower girls picked their own flowers, and we all went barefoot!

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Dec 192014

By Patty Wilber

As you drive out Hwy 550 from Bernalillo, NM, to the west, there is a sign that says  “Ojito Wilderness”. It is in a bad-land-ish area and has always piqued my interest.

So, last Friday, we went.

Mary Ann and Tulip

Mary Ann and Tulip–Ok so the world is tipping a little.

We had no real clue (being mapless and all) where the good spot was, so while we thought there was an equestrian parking area in about six miles, it turns out that was a different entrance.  We drove until we reached a washout (nine miles in) we felt we could not comfortably cross (a road grader fixed it while we were riding) and we parked on the side of the road.

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Dec 052014

 By Patty Wilber

Last weekend we had a Thanksgiving family reunion with everyone in the immediate family and the Significant Others, too!

In case you forgot from last week what that looked like: 

The family in California!!

Erika (Mark’s SO), Mom, Dad, Rick (Maegan’s fiance), Maegan (Progeny #1), Me, Laurel (niece, Kathy’s Progeny #1) in front, Mark (progeny #2), Jim (Spousal Unit), Kathy (Little Sis), Chris (Kathy’s SU), Maryanne (K’s Progeny #2) in front, Tina (Mike’s SU) and Mike (Little Bro).  Mark’s roommate for all four years from Georgetown was there too, and took this picture!

In just under a month we are all (except Mike and Tina) heading to Hawaii for Rick and Maegan’s wedding!

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Nov 282014

By Patty Wilber

It is a good bet that a lot of us ate turkey (and stuffing and pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes and some other kind of pie and bread and maybe yams or cranberries and yet another other flavor of pie and brussel sprouts) yesterday. Today we may be recovering.


It is probably the case that almost no one ate horse meat.


Well, I thought I saw an article somewhere that there was an increased demand for horse meat for Thanksgiving in Mexico.

Ok, Ok, there is a lot wrong with that statement, so maybe I dreamt it?

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